Land Acquisition, Resettlement & Rehabilitation and CSR

The workshop is designed based on “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013”. The workshop focuses on the standards and good practices, as well as on lessons learned from case studies from leading corporates.

The course aims at providing a holistic understanding of the entire field of land acquisition, involuntary displacement and resettlement using the systems and responsible approach. The training programme will provide insights into the sociological contexts of project affected people and the legislative precepts and procedures enshrined in The RFCTLARR Act, 2013. The delegate will also learn about the emerging best practices, latest approaches and methods of LA, R&R for effective design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of land acquisition-related activities.

The programme will also impart understanding of the issues and challenges in land acquisition, enhance skills in socio-economic surveys, consultations, data collection, planning land acquisition and rehabilitation and resettlement plan.

The workshop would also discuss applicable central/state laws such as Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA), CSR Act 2013, The Forest Rights Act, 2006, and the Companies Act, 2013 and their significance to the overall process of SIA.

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The training program is targeted to people who are involved in project planning and implementation, project managers, practitioners and people involved in project administration from public and private sector. The programme is designed for middle and junior level officials posted in the LA, R&R, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility departments Public Sector Undertakings and corporates, tasked with implementation of The RFCTLARR Act, 2013. It is equally relevant to SIA state Authorities, SIA agencies, NGOs, current and prospective practitioners.

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